Creating solutions through IT Services is our passion

Whether you are looking for a custom software solution, need an experienced integrator to create a connected software ecosystem or want to extend your existing squad with a cross functional development team, we are the right partner. We have a ‘ cloud first mindset’ and like to automate our own processes as much as possibleBelow our main expertises

Are you temporarily looking for specific knowledge in the field of product or software development? We can offer you support in the following areas:

  • Software Architecture
  • Mobile Application
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Website Development/Maintenance
  • Project management
  • Software audits
  • Second opinions on project plans
  • QA support
  • Functional requirements
  • Cyber Security
  • Consultations

In addition, we have a select number of close partners who support us with specific knowledge in AI and IOT projects.

SaaS applications

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development has become one of the most reasonable and up-to-date solutions for many businesses. The distinctive delivery of services has proven itself over the years of the market presence. Choosing this approach, you will obtain the ability to maintain, distribute, license your product in the most convenient ways.

SaaS application development is a flexible solution for businesses that want to keep pace with rapidly-changed technologies. This distribution model enables them to enter the market faster and deliver the latest features within a short timeline and reasonable cost. At the same time, the customers have also emphasized this product as a budget-friendly option due to the subscription pricing model. Users have the possibility of using up-to-date and fully functional software products.

We have experience building commercial SaaS-based applications. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities of this process, and will leverage our knowledge to build your SaaS solution