Two guys with a few decades of experience in the world of software development were discussing the question: ‘what should be the main driver of software development projects?’ during a coffee break. Before they ran out of coffee, they were both convinced that this motivation is ‘business value.’ The question that left: ‘why is this not always the case.’ Looking back, we planted the seed to start our own company during this coffee break. we founded ‘The IT Solutions’ and formed our team based on the following simple starting point. “Our solutions need to add value.”

With these ingredients, we have created a digital service company with a passion to design, build, and run software for global innovation-driven businesses of various sizes. We like to distinguish ourselves by focusing on a real partnership to co-create value-adding digital solution. We are on a mission to become a trusted partner of these players around the world. With our team, we’re proficient in helping them to boost productivity, solve problems, and enhance services.